The Yoga of Swami Dev Murti Ji

swami-dev-murtiThe Yoga philosophy and practice of Swami Dev Murti Ji is presented in the book “Yoga in Daily Life” written by Jack Boulton and John More. Jack and John were students of Swami Dev Murti more than 25 years. They also wrote another book, “Yoga in Practice”.

Swami Dev Murti started practicing the ancient practice of yoga at the age of three.At the age of 5 Swami Dev Murti was introduced to a great yoga master in the Himalayas who took the boy the secrets of yoga in the Himalaya caves.

In 1958, his teacher, Matiji Maharaj (who lived approximately 140) sent him to spread the art and science of yoga throughout the world.

His system of special exercises for the spine was developed with the needs of the modern people in mind. It gives great results with just seven minutes of daily practice. .

Here is a demonstration of these exercises (crocodile exercises, as they are conveniently called)  by a Swamid Dev Murti’s student of Yoga.

Swami Dev Murti passed away in 2011, at the age of 108 years. He was one of the grandfathers of yoga. Although he didn’t want to expose to the public very much, he had a lot of students all around the world, who in turn set up several ashrams, as well as yoga societies, and associations. He was known for his teaching of three or more generations of students from the same family.

In his early age, to kindle the interest of the public for the little known science of yoga, he used to demonstrate his mastery of yoga performing in shows in public. Check the video below for a stunning demonstration of his powers:

In addition to the Hatha yoga exercises, Swami Ji developed and research the Kundalini yoga practice. He adjusted this powerful technique to the ordinary people living in the West.

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