Resolutions vs Intentions: Forget Resolutions and Set a Sankalpa

list of resolutions As years pass us by, for many of us, comes the inclination to set some solid resolutions for the upcoming months. Looking back at months preceding, so often what stands out is areas in which we could have been “better” versions of ourselves.

Whether it is in our careers, relationships or just all the excess over the holidays, what we tend to focus on are specific things we “shouldn’t” do. So when the clock passes midnight on December 31st, and we are rejuvenated with a sense of renewal and fresh starts, resolutions are born. We resolve to take out all the things that have been creating suffering in our lives.

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How to Practice Random Kindness and Genuine Compassion

kindness flower ~ From a talk given by Rinpoche given at California Institute of Integral Studies on Nov. 16th , 2005 ~

We have to think about integrating the compassion with activities, in other words compassion in action.

You have to go out and reach other people in the world and practice cultivating loving kindness in action. There are many ways that you can practice action. It doesn't always have to be a big deal like joining the peace corps or going to some remote area in Asia or Africa.

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The Simplest Way to Use Mindfulness To Help Control Your Anxiety

mindfulness forestBefore writing this post I went on a bit of a research mission so I could describe in more detail how mindfulness can help in anxiety situations. Fat lot of good that did!

Details, facts and figures do nothing to help people deal with anxiety day to day, so what I am going to do is simply write this post from the way I see things and how mindfulness has helped me.

I hope that you can understand where I am coming from!

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