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Limitation of Liability

You agree to use the material on the Site at your own risk. Eternity of Spirit disclaims any type of liability for any form of direct or indirect damage arising from the use or reliance on the material of this Website. This limitation of liability may include, but it is not limited to, errors, omissions, deletion, transmission of viruses, failure, interruptions, unauthorized access, theft, strikes, telephone problems, or other force majeure.

The software, information, products and services published on the Website may include typographical errors. The Site specifically disclaims any liability for this kind of inaccuracies. Eternity of Spirit does not warrant that the material on the Site is up-to-date. The Site has no obligation to update the material on the Site. The content may be changed at any time and without notice.

No Warranties

The Site including its content are provided on an As Is basis without implying any warranty. This includes warranties of accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of the material presented on the Website. Eternity of Spirit will not be held responsible for any delay and has no duty to update the content on the Site. You are responsible for the results of accessing the Site and for using its content. You should take all and every precaution to make sure that the content you obtain is free of any harmful components. It is up to you to estimate the completeness, accuracy, or usefulness of any advice, opinion, or other material available via the Website, or via any of the linked Sites.

No Professional Advice

The Site is intended to be used as an information resource with regard the topics covered. Any information on the Site is not to be considered legal or other professional advice. This Site is not meant to be used by minors. It is your obligation to seek professional help, as appropriate, with regard to the evaluation of any advice, service, opinion, product, or other material.


Eternity of Spirit respects the rights and intellectual property of others. If you thing that there is something on this Website that has violated your intellectual rights, please notify us and send us identification of the material and copyrighted word claimed to be infringed. Please include a signature of an authorized person to act as a representative of the owner of the right that is allegedly violated. Please include contact information, and a statement that your notification is accurate and that under penalty you are authorized to act as a representative of the owner whose right is allegedly infringed.

User Submissions

Whenever you submit an article for publication to Eternity of Spirit, you acknowledge that are solely responsible for the content that you have published. You have to make sure that the content is does not violate the Terms of the Site and that it is accurate. If you submit an article, concept, business information, or invention to Eternity of Spirit by email, you have granted Eternity of Spirit a perpetual, royalty-free, international nonexclusive license to publish, translate, distribute, modify, reproduce and create derivative work. If you want to keep your content private do not submit it by email to Eternity of Spirit.

Accounts And Security

During the process of registration, every user selects a password and Login Name. During the process of registration you should provide the Website with complete and accurate Account information. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in termination of your Account. Any abusive, fraudulent or illegal activity may be a ground to terminate your Account at Eternity of Spirit.

It is your responsibility to control the password of your account. You are responsible for the activities regarding to using your account, your user name and password. In case of unauthorized use of you password and username, or if you suspect or know of unauthorized access to your account, you agree to contact the Website immediately. The Website cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of any kind with regard to your failure to comply with the above obligations.

The Site may terminate your account without any prior notice, and without any cause. This may result in destruction and forfeiture of any and all information connected with your user account.

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