The Miraculous Power of Focus


Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.~Greg Anderson
There is a tremendous power in your ability to focus.

In this post I would like to explain how powerful the use of your own ability to focus can be, give you a couple of tips how to improve in this area, and show you a simple practical exercise with a ton of useful benefits.

If you can learn to focus the right way, your life will be transformed as if by magic.


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How to Achieve Enlightenment Through Meditation

enlightenment-meditation-1Enlightenment through meditation? Is it possible? Yes!

Is it easy? No!

My lifelong mission has been to help as many people as I can to learn how to improve their life.

In particular, I've been teaching various meditation techniques, visualization methods, imagination, and invocation of higher Divine powers.

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How to Stay Calm in Frustrating and Stressful Situations

angry-and-frustrated-person-2I've always been impatient. For a great deal of my life and especially when faced with difficult or frustrating situations, I’d lose my temper.

I always seemed to be surrounded by people capable of provoking the worst in me. How they managed to do that, almost naturally, without too much trouble, was a mystery to me.

But they did.

I often found it difficult to manage my work along with my other responsibilities.

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