Adept is a person trying to advance enough on the path of spirituality to become a master. In general, a person proficient or skilled in something. In Magic, an adept should possess considerable magical knowledge (rituals, spells, divination, psychic powers). They should be initiated in the art of alchemy and possess power over the four...

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Increase Your Happiness by Practicing Non Judgment

Increase Your Happiness by Practicing Non Judgment We live our lives judging everything around us. In fact, I don't really know about you. But I know that most of the time I do precisely that.


I tend to judge myself, judge other people, and judge the various situation that occur around me during the day.

More than I'd like to admit to myself, I tend to find certain people hard to like, I pick out their character flaws and judge their mistakes. All in all, I tend to judge everything.

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In Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism, Dharma is a term with a multitude of meanings. It is a multifaceted and rather complex term that cannot be exactly translated by using a single word. Dharma can be vaguely translated as right conduct, religious law, duty, and social order. The root word, dhri, means "holding up". The...

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